Large Language Models (LLM)

Working groups at the IZ D2MCM research and develop specific topics in the areas of digitality and digital methods. Members of HU Berlin can participate.

Members of the working group

Alan Akbik, Melanie Althage, Paul Bayer, Nicole Dresselhaus, Martin Dröge, Sophie Eckenstaler, Gerd Graßhoff, Torsten Hiltmann, Robert Jäschke, Sven Kraus, Jan Krämer, Anselm Küsters, Kilian Lüders, Olga Maksymiuk-Mlynarczyk, Roland Meyer, Clemens Neudecker, SBB, Vladimir Neumann (SBB), Carolin Odebrecht, Philipp Schneider, Konstantin Schulz, Anna Sophia Tiedecke


The working group aims to explore the potential and possible applications of large language models, especially in text-based sciences. We plan to achieve this through joint experimentation and practical testing, starting with the identification of semantic citations in various corpora, which raises both content-related and epistemological questions for discussion. At the same time, we anticipate a broad range of possibilities for future use.

General Information

WG-Spokesperson: Torsten Hiltmann
IC-Contact: Melanie Althage
Language: German/English
Zoom-ID: 68395936078
Zotero link: Bibliography

Next Meetings

12.07.2024, 10:00 - 12:00, Location: FRS 191-193, Raum 5006 (5. OG) und über Zoom( iCal-Download )