Working groups at the IZ D2MCM research and develop specific topics in the areas of digitality and digital methods. Members of HU Berlin can participate.

Members of the working group

Melanie Althage, Paul Bayer, Malte Belz, Martin Dröge, Sophie Eckenstaler, Torsten Hiltmann, Martin Klotz, Thomas Krause, Roland Meyer, Christine Mooshammer, Carolin Odebrecht, Daniela Palleschi


We test Git and its environments in Sandboxes.

Topic: How can one work with Git individually and in large groups? (Management)
Topic: How do I work well with APIs of other services? (Environment)
Topic: How do I use Git in teaching? (Teaching)

General Information

WG-Spokesperson: Thomas Krause
IC-Contact: Carolin Odebrecht
Lanuguage: deutsch/englisch
Zoom-ID: 661 7165 7800
Zotero link: Bibliography

Next Meeting

23.09.2024, 10:00 - 12:00, Location: DOR 24, Raum 3.308( iCal-Download )