Digital/Data/AI Literacy

Working groups at the IZ D2MCM research and develop specific topics in the areas of digitality and digital methods. Members of HU Berlin can participate.

Members of the working group

Jaqueline Banford, Andrea Beyer, Martin Dröge, Katja Eilerts, Ole Engel, Anna Faust, Daniela Hartmann, Denise Jäckel, Lilian Löwenau, Jan Krämer, Lisa Mayweg, Carolin Odebrecht,
Mariia Razguliaeva, Konstantin Schulz, Ulrike Stadler-Altmann


Focus on advancing teaching and research in the field of education related to digitalization and digital methods. Our questions are: How can we develop teaching, learning, and assessment in the areas of Digital Literacy, Data Literacy, and AI Literacy at Campus Mitte? What interdisciplinary and subject-specific aspects are relevant for this? What competence profiles and contacts exist at Campus Mitte?

General Information

WG-Spokesperson: Andrea Beyer
IC-Contact: Carolin Odebrecht
Language: German/English
Zoom-ID: 67558287162
Zotero link: Bibliography

Next Meeting

10.09.2024, 10:00 - 15:00, Location: Grimm-Zentrum, Raum 8.501( iCal-Download )